About our studio…

Meet Natalie…

Natalie Ristoski is the proud owner and yogini behind Living Flow Yoga Ashfield.

First discovering yoga as a way to seek solace during her hectic corporate career in the fashion industry, in 2015 Natalie decided to embark on the yoga lifestyle full time as a teacher and facilitator and then studio owner.

Living Flow was first established in 2015 when Natalie began sharing yoga from a local dance studio. Those humble beginnings was where the steady roots of the Living Flow community were first grounded. In January 2017 we officially opened our doors to a purpose built yoga studio and growing yoga offering and more recently in December 2022 have relocated to an amazing, light-filled studio just down the road at 2 Hercules St, Ashfield.

Living Flow has evolved into not only a place to practice yoga but also as a space to feel belonging and to be part of a real community. Natalie’s warmth and enthusiasm for yoga is key to this community, and has sourced other like-minded yoga teachers to make up her teaching team.

Natalie is passionate about yoga as a vehicle for embodiment and transformation, women’s wellbeing, and fostering connection. You can catch her at the studio for energising flow and restorative yin classes, at her regular Saturday morning run or for one of her inspiring workshops or even a nourishing retreat.

When not hanging out in the local Ashfield area, she’ll be in the Blue Mountains with her partner, founder of Happy Buddha Retreats. Natalie is also working on a future Living Flow yoga teacher training program, something many of her yogis will be excited to be part of.

Our Purpose

“To be present; one moment at a time.
To embrace life, whole-heartedly and with passion.
To feel deeply connected to oneself, others and the magnificent world around us.”

Embarking on Yoga Teacher Training

Embark on a path of self-discovery, deepened yogic understanding, and the art of sharing your practice. Whether you choose to teach yoga or not, this training will enrich your life…

“Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom
that you may not have known even existed.”

~ BKS Iyengar

Our welcoming yoga teachers

Teaghan Alexander

For Teaghan, yoga is a way of life and was drawn to it for it’s creativity, embodiment and fluidity.

Erin Dooley Yoga Teacher and Writer

Teaghan is continuously exploring different styles, broadening her knowledge through numerous teachers around the world, and looking for ways to make that available to others through her teaching.

Her teaching style is slow, strong and technical through the embodiment of alignment, and the potency and poetry of presence. Her classes are focused on the breath, flowing detailed movement, and steeped in reminders of the simplicity and joy of being ones authentic self.

Her favourite Asana pose is Mālāsana. The grounding presence one experiences when sitting in this pose, holds a steadiness towards clarity and awareness.

Marnie Palomares

Marnie is a contemporary dancer and an experienced yoga teacher.

With its breath, movement and creative flow, yoga has been a form of medicine for Marnie, in helping maintain a healthy lifestyle and sustain her dancing career. And for Marnie, syncing of breath, movement and creativity is key to yoga.

Marnie’s dynamic flow practice is mindful with slow transitions and movement. She is passionate about the powerful benefits of yin yoga and teaches with a gentle approach and very considered sequencing. She enjoys shaping the practice in a waythat honours what your body/mind needs in that particular moment.

For Marnie, the beauty of yoga is that it has the potential to influence your life on and off the mat. Her favourite pose is half pigeon; a yin-flavoured moment to receive and restore.

Join Marnie for her regular flow and yin classes.

Samantha Brett

Samantha teaches beautifully strong, slow, and intuitive sequences to take you deep into your practice.

Erin Dooley Yoga Teacher and Writer

Originally from Canada, Sam moved to Bondi in 2014 and was called to the yoga mat over a decade ago.

Since then, Sam believes yoga has taught her how to live, to be alive, how to be compassionate, kind, disciplined, soft, inspired. She truly feels the magic of yoga is when she feels fully conscious, aware, like nothing else matters.

Expect a strong, slow, and intuitive sequence to take you deep into your practice harmonizing movement with breath.

Favourite Pose? “That’s a tough choice, the postures are always revealing themselves in new ways, a blank canvas, even the most familiar postures, can feel brand new.  Parivrtta Trikonasana might be it for the moment.”


Sarah Coleman

Sarah’s teaching style is inspired by nature. Her practice is grounding and focuses on subtle energetics of the body.

Zsa Zsa Power

Sarah loves to teach a simplistic flow that gets you out of your head and into your body, allowing you to feel into all the layers within.

Sarah’s inspiration for life with her family life is guided by yoga. This practice trickles down to her children and community, making it a passion to teach the antidote to modern life that is yoga.

Her favourite yoga pose?
Any twist for a rinse, detox and refresh ~ especially supine twists to feel put back together and grounded.

Jay Kim

Jay found her yoga practice 15 years ago and was drawn to the way it quietened her mind.

Jay Kim

“Yoga has given me the patience, equanimity and compassion to overcome obstacles…”

Jay believes yoga is also a vehicle for self-awareness, discovery and play. Jay became a teacher in 2017 to share the benefits of yoga with her students and to give back to a community that has given her so much. You can expect her classes to challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone and be open to the possibilities of body and mind whilst a meditative and grounding flow will always provide you with a home to retreat to.

Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel) is Jay’s favourite pose – for heart-opening and allowing vulnerability. “It turns the world upside down so you can consider things from another perspective!”

Belinda Diprose

 Initially Belinda was drawn to the finer details of the asana practice, but it quickly became so much more.

Jay Kim

“From the first time I stepped onto a yoga mat I fell in love with it.”

Belinda’s yoga ‘why’ is all about connection. With yoga “I found a stillness and greater connection to myself, community and the earth.” Yoga is a tool for life and Belinda draws on this experience to offer students a well-balanced flow, with a focus on breath and alignment.

Belinda has a background as a competitive cyclist and she started yoga because she wanted to move her body in a different way. One month later Belinda sadly experienced the loss of her mother and her yoga mat became a place of healing.

Ardha Chandrasana (half moon pose) is Belinda’s favourite shape because it requires strength, focus and balance but mostly because of the expansion, lightness and freedom it creates.


Amy Chong

Amy’s love for yoga began from the moment she first stepped foot into a studio.

Erin Dooley Yoga Teacher and Writer

Once Amy discovered yoga, she was blown away by the utter peacefulness she felt even in her first savasana.  And she quickly noticed how this carried off the mat too. 

On the path to becoming a psychologist, Amy loves how creativity and playfulness in movement can cultivate meaningful self-inquiry and a deeper connection to the self. Amy takes a fun and light-hearted approach to yoga with playful sequencing, where you can expect to push your boundaries. 

Her favourite pose is camatkarasana (wild thing) for its uplifting energy – a perfect balance of strength and softness

Elsa Geelan

Elsa loves that through yoga she can share the beautiful benefits of the breath and great alignment to every level yogi.

Erin Dooley Yoga Teacher and Writer

Elsa’s yoga journey began after the birth of her second son. She was searching for something that would help calm her mind and help her deal with the very demanding job of motherhood. She fell in love with the physical practice of yoga after her very first class.

Elsa’s love of yoga hasn’t stopped there – she currently adores bringing yoga to those starting out on their journey, by teaching the benefits of the breath and great alignment, as well as bringing a slow and strong flow to more seasoned practitioners.

“I want the gift of the asana, combined with the spaciousness between our thoughts that yoga gives us, to be accessible to everyone.

More than the studio and teachers, it’s our community of students which also makes Living Flow Yoga so special.

Our beautiful studio

Living Flow Yoga is a light-filled studio with good vibes all around and located in Ashfiled, NSW.

It’s a simple space with the main yoga studio (including an area to store your shoes as you walk in), and a back-section which houses a complimentary tea station, cube storage for personal belongings, yoga props, two change rooms and our small retail section. You’ll also have access to toilet facilities.

The studio has been purpose built with yoga-friendly flooring and panel heaters at the ready for the cooler months. We often have fresh flowers, candles and palo santo burning to enhance the entire experience.

We’re located at 2 Hercules St, Ashfield. Entrance to the studio is via Hercules St and upstairs to the studio. There is ample street parking around the neighbourhood, as well as public car parks. (See our FAQ here for parking options.)

Join a yoga class today!

Keep connected with your yoga community, stretch out and feel grounded. All studio classes are live-streamed.


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