About our studio…

Meet Natalie…

Natalie Ristoski is the proud owner and yogini behind Living Flow Yoga Ashfield.

First discovering yoga as a way to seek solace during her hectic corporate career in the fashion industry, in 2015 Natalie decided to embark on the yoga lifestyle full time as a teacher and facilitator and then studio owner.

Living Flow was first established in 2015 when Natalie began sharing yoga from a local dance studio. Those humble beginnings was where the steady roots of the Living Flow community were first grounded, and then in January 2017 we officially opened our doors to our purpose built yoga studio and growing yoga offering.

Living Flow has evolved into not only a place to practice yoga but also as a space to feel belonging and to be part of a real community. Natalie’s warmth and enthusiasm for yoga is key to this community, and has sourced other like-minded yoga teachers to make up her teaching team.

Natalie is passionate about yoga as a vehicle for embodiment and transformation, women’s wellbeing, and fostering connection. You can catch her at the studio for energising flow and restorative yin classes, at her regular Saturday morning run or for one of her inspiring workshops or even the nourishing yearly retreat.

When not hanging out in the local Ashfield area, she’ll be in the Blue Mountains with her partner, founder of Happy Buddha Retreats. Natalie is also working on a future Living Flow yoga teacher training program, something many of her yogis will be exctied to be part of.

Our Purpose

“To be present; one moment at a time.
To embrace life, whole-heartedly and with passion.
To feel deeply connected to oneself, others and the magnificent world around us.”

“Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom
that you may not have known even existed.”

~ BKS Iyengar

Our welcoming yoga teachers

Zsa Zsa Power

Zsa Zsa is an experienced yoga teacher who has a keen interest in anatomy and is an accredited nutritionist.

Zsa Zsa Power

Drawn to the therapeutic benefits of yoga, Zsa Zsa encourages students to connect to themselves, and move with the body they inhabit today so that they practise safely and modify the postures where required.

With a background in athletics and gymnastics, Zsa Zsa found that yoga was the perfect antidote with it’s attention to breath and respectful body movement. With a quietened mind, she knew this practice was special — and hasn’t been able to leave her mat since!

Pigeon is Zsa Zsa’s favourite pose. “It feels so good in the hips and frees the spine, with the added benefit of the forward fold, to become still and introspective.”

Join Zsa Zsa for a dynamic flow or juicy, blissed-out yin.

[Image: Christie Victoria Photography]

Marnie Palomares

Marnie is a contemporary dancer and an experienced yoga teacher.

With its breath, movement and creative flow, yoga has been a form of medicine for Marnie, in helping maintain a healthy lifestyle and sustain her dancing career. And for Marnie, syncing of breath, movement and creativity is key to yoga.

Marnie’s dynamic flow practice is mindful with slow transitions and movement. She is passionate about the powerful benefits of yin yoga and teaches with a gentle approach and very considered sequencing. She enjoys shaping the practice in a waythat honours what your body/mind needs in that particular moment.

For Marnie, the beauty of yoga is that it has the potential to influence your life on and off the mat. Her favourite pose is half pigeon; a yin-flavoured moment to receive and restore.

Join Marnie for her regular flow and yin classes.

Vanessa Wolff

Vanessa is passionate about yoga and nutrition to support the development of nourishing practices.

Vanessa Wolff Yoga Teacher

Witnessing her own transformation through Yoga, Vanessa was inspired to become a yoga teacher with a clear intention of sharing this empowering practice and offering students the space to experience themselves as whole. Balancing stillness and the subtle practices of breath and meditation with more dynamic movement, her classes bring a balance of strength and softness, inviting you to discover freedom physically and mentally and take this into life off the mat.

Vanessa is currently studying Naturopathy – a perfect companion to yoga. Vanessa loves a long, deep hold in a grounding Pigeon or a heart opener like Camel to expand and energise.

Join one of Vanessa’s weekly flow classes.

Melanie Palomares

A yoga teacher and secondary dance teacher, Melanie believes yoga is the perfect holistic approach to life and well-being!

Trained in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, prenatal/postnatal and yin yoga styles, Melanie’s interest lies in sequential flow and the sensitive somatic experience. Her classes are dynamic with a steady progression, providing the space for individuals to work at their own pace and own level of experience.

In Melanie’s own words, “I like to create a calm and grounding space for students to become more attuned to their body.”

Her favourite shapes are Cobra for it’s lengthening qualities and Warrior 2 for grounding and yet energised stance.

Catch Melanie for flow, yin and for the occasional prenatal class.

Erin Dooley

A yoga teacher, writer and seeker, Erin’s approach to yoga is that it’s the ultimate rehearsal for “real” life.

Erin Dooley Yoga Teacher and Writer

For Erin, yoga is a training ground for us to breathe fully, stay steady amidst challenge and change, and to be able to welcome the complete spectrum of human existence. “Yoga makes me more human, just in a very different way.”

Seeking out contentment, Erin came to discover the sweet bliss of yoga and was surprised how it allowed freedom from her conceptual mind – she soon knew it would be a life long affair. In her own words, yoga “started as a healer, and soon became a friend”.

Erin’s teaching style is an energising and thoughtful one and she encourages students to explore their innate and inherent wisdom.

Her favourite pose? Easy. Sukhasana (cross-legged seated pose) and also known as “the pose of ease and happiness.”

Paige Isley

Not only a fantastic and yoga and meditation teacher, Paige is our resident nurse and birth/postpartum doula.

Paige’s classes are guided by compassion and kindness while still challenging mind-body boundaries. Her vision is to educate & empower people to use yoga and mindfulness therapeutically as a supplement in the day to day life and a key component in healthcare. Guided by intuition and a natural curiosity, Paige discovered yoga.

Her shape of choice is the toe sit! “As we live in a society that often has neglected ankles and feet, this pose stretches and lengthens the plantar fascia like no other.”

Join Paige for a dynamic flow, prenatal yoga, gentle mums + bubs class or for one of her pregnancy workshops.

Lauren Knight

Lauren loves how yoga brings beautiful people together to share breath, movement and positivity.

Erin Dooley Yoga Teacher and Writer

For Lauren, the thing that she relishes most about teaching yoga is the inspiration she feels when watching students progress on their journey. Her teaching style is a balance of strong, vibrant, mindful movement with moments of softness and stillness to facilitate healing. Her intention is always to have you leave feeling nourished, grounded and rejuvenated.

Lauren has learnt over the years that yoga is more than asana and movement – it’s also an ancient practice and tradition, sparking a journey forward of unending learning and exploration.

Pashimotonasana is her favourite shape because it’s a beautiful opportunity to go within. “The opening of the entire back body is deliciously releasing and healing…”

Catch Lauren for sunrise Flow each Monday.

More than the studio and teachers, it’s our community of students which also makes Living Flow Yoga so special.

Our beautiful studio

Living Flow Yoga is a light-filled studio with good vibes all around and located in Ashfiled, NSW.

It’s a simple space with the main yoga studio (including an area to store your shoes as you walk in), and a back-section which houses a complimentary tea station, cube storage for personal belongings, yoga props, two change rooms and our small retail section. You’ll also have access to toilet facilities.

The studio has been purpose built with yoga-friendly flooring and panel heaters at the ready for the cooler months. We often have fresh flowers, candles and palo santo burning to enhance the entire experience.

We’re located not far from Ashfield Mall at 5/6-8 Holden St, Ashfield NSW 2131. There is ample street parking around the neighborhood.

Join one of our live-stream classes!

Keep connected with your yoga community, stretch out and feel grounded with live-stream Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yin classes


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