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Wellness through yoga-inspired nutrition

The yogi way: Applying yoga principles to the way we eat If you’ve ever practiced yoga, you’ve already experienced its power to create peace, balance and wellness. Now imagine taking your yoga practice with you into the rest of your day and applying the yoga principles to the way you eat. How do you want…
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7 rituals to embrace winter

When we greet our day with a sense of ritual, whether that be making our bed, drinking a big glass of water, sitting in stillness for a few minutes or making ourselves a healthy breakfast, we create a scaffold for our life from which to build a positive day, week, and even year. The beauty…
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Transform your yoga practice with a private session

A private yoga session will offer you both the knowledge and confidence to refine your existing practice at the studio, or a thorough introduction if embarking on your yoga journey for the first time. Here’s our top 7 tips on improving your yoga practice…

Yoga Defined - Bhakti yoga and Kirtan

Yoga defined: The practice of Bhakti and Kirtan

Yoga, as you may have experienced, is not simply the shapes and sometimes challenging poses we put our bodies into when we go to a hatha, vinyasa or yin class. Yoga is the feeling we return to when we practice these poses.

Pegnancy Yoga

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

As your body is changing, you may experience some not-so-pleasant symptoms. Pregnancy yoga classes are designed to strengthen your core stability and pelvic floor muscles. It also involves a lot of stretching to relieve your back, neck, shoulders and hips…

I’m Not Flexible. Can I Do Yoga?

It’s easy to assume that yoga is all about flexibility. It is not. Every yoga pose has various modifications, including easy versions that anyone can do. You can start with what works best for your body and progress when you are ready.

Yoga and the Power of Community

Ever wonder if yoga is for you? Yoga is meditation in motion, and the feeling of peace it brings is undeniable. By sharing your practice with your yoga community, you’ll not only feel great, but you’ll be part of our embracing yoga tribe…