Is yoga calling to you for the first time ever? Or are you feeling suddenly inspired to revisit your mat after a long time away? Either way, we’ve got you covered…



A gift that arrived over 2000 years ago. Yet, this ancient tradition holds just as much relevance as a wellness practice today. Countless studies have shown that yoga evokes focus, clarity and vitality. Reducing stress, it strengthens both body and mind. In a practice of simple techniques applied with consistency and commitment, yoga encourages both mindfulness and a state of equilibrium… and has the potential to change lives.


The “Cons”

We’ll start by noting that the “cons”…are not really cons. There tend to be a lot of misconceptions around yoga. Perhaps the biggest one: that you have to be fit, flexible, strong – or somehow already “ready” to do it.

This is simply not true! In fact, one whole branch of yoga is dedicated to sitting and breathing!

The many benefits of  yoga can be enjoyed irrespective of what our physical bodies, ages or abilities look like. Feeling self-conscious is never fun, and could be expected when joining any new class. Yet, we’ll address another yoga misconception here. Yoga was not intended to be even remotely competitive!

While thoroughly enjoyable when shared with community –  this practice is ultimately about your connection to you. That is: your mind, your body – and your spirit. What’s most likely the case in any yoga class, is that nobody will be looking at you! (Except of course the teacher, whose job is to teach, not judge.)


The Pros

Because yoga involves  the mind, body and spirit, its benefits arise across physical, mental, and emotional realms. To mention just a few, this wonderful practice:

  •   Helps in aiding chronic pain
  •   Balances moods
  •   Improves focus
  •   Improves heart health
  •   Strengthens muscles and bones
  •   Helps with healthy joints
  •   Corrects and maintains healthy posture
  •   Cultivates a sense of inner connection
  •   Improves digestion
  •   Improves flexibility and mobility

Modern culture tends to encourage us to push ourselves towards a goal. Yoga encourages the healthy opposite, reminding us that simply accepting where we are can provide equilibrium and strength.

It’s not likely that as beginners we’ll become amazingly photogenic yogis straight away, but that’s kind of the point. Self-acceptance is the practice. Plus, becoming a beginner is always good for you.


What you’ll need

As a beginner, you don’t technically need props to practise yoga, but certain items can enhance your comfort. Luckily, you won’t have to spend much to find effective tools. These include blankets and yoga blocks. And good news is, you can use our studio props available at Living Flow.

Of course a yoga mat will be helpful in preventing sliding, but even that isn’t necessary if you’re just starting out! A water bottle and yourself is perfect. (We have mats you can borrow (or purchase) too!)

Clothing wise – your practice will be best when you feel comfortable, whether that’s tights and a sports bra or your pyjamas. Here, the bottom line is: you don’t need ‘yoga clothes.’ You’re looking for comfy clothes that won’t get in the way of your movement, while providing you with adequate coverage (when in class).


Etiquette and culture

Yoga does come from a deep and rich cultural tradition, but you’re not expected to know everything about Ancient India before you come to class. You’re there to learn.

Many yoga teachers will call yoga poses (asanas) by their Sanskrit names – and confusing as they may sound at first – you’ll pick them up over time. Usually, teachers use both Sanskrit and English terms at the same time, encouraging your understanding. If you do hear something in class you can’t follow, simply ask the teacher to explain it to you.

As this practice is about much more than fitness, a yoga class may also include some non-movement elements such as breathwork, or intention-setting (sankalpa). All that’s required here is an open mind.

Class tips:

  • Arrive 10 minutes early to class so you can settle in
  • In India, it’s respectful to remove your shoes before you enter someone’s home, or sacred space. This applies for yoga classes too. We have seated storage for shoes and plenty of other storage for you bag and keys.
  • Let your teacher know if you have any injuries. It’s important that you’re practicing in a way that’s safe for your body. This way, your teacher can instruct with adjustments and variations if required
  • Avoid heavy meals before class
  • Ask questions (or for assistance). Our teachers are there for you!
  • Stay in class until the end. The relaxation aspects are part of the practice (and one of the best parts!).
  • You’ll know the class is finished when we finish by saying ‘Namaste’


Beginners Yoga at Living Flow

Our beginner’s yoga classes are for both brand new students, those who have been away from practice, or even those looking to strengthen their yoga foundations. In these special classes you’ll receive extra instructions and guidance, as we practise in a way that builds your practice.

Beginning something new is always an exciting time and doing so in community can make it that much more special. Beginners classes provide a wonderful way to meet like-minded souls and cultivate connections. The saying goes ‘it takes a village,’ and we’re here to provide exactly that!

What’s next?

For a taster, you’ll be able to purchase a 2-week or 6-week intro pass at discounted rates. Find all pricing and booking here.

We can’t wait to see you soon!

P.S If you can’t wait, we recommend diving into these sequences from Natalie, or learn the basics with these 5 common asanas.