A prenatal live-stream yoga class and Q&A with Paige Isley, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Doula and Nurse

Mothers-to-be, we invite you to carve out some time for you to connect with your body, your baby and to create calm during this time. Paige will guide you through a specialty prenatal yoga class including pregnancy-friendly vinyasa, restorative yoga, breathwork and a guided Yoga Nidra.

After the practice and a short break, return back to your screen with a cup of tea while Paige offers you tips for labour and birth, and answers any questions you may have.

Join us for this beautifully blended experience which will create a positive birth affirmation. This unique online offering will create a safe container for women to connect and feel empowered for birth.

A little more about Paige…

As a health & wellness expert, Paige joined the community of yoga teachers focused on fusing the best of western medicine with the traditional practice of yoga and mindfulness. With a medical nursing background, her understanding of healthcare creates an individualised and therapeutic approach to yoga. Classes are guided by compassion and kindness while still challenging the mind-body boundaries. Her vision is to educate & empower people to use yoga and mindfulness therapeutically as a supplement in the day to day life and a key component in healthcare.

As well as a Nurse, Yoga, Meditation and Pilates teacher, she is also a Birth/Postpartum Doula. She advocates for women to choose the right birthing path for themselves after she presents a comprehensive layout of all of the options available. She promotes integrative holistic care, where obstetrics, midwifery and doula work harmonise to create the optimal health outcomes for mother and baby.


Calm & Connection Prenatal Live-Stream Yoga Class and Q&A

Sunday, May 24, 2pm – 3:30pm
Book your ticket for $15