With Zsa Zsa Power

Sunday, 24th January ~ Part of our themed workshop series for Commit to You

Embrace the transformative power of your internal heat, and learn how to harness the willpower and courage to effect real, positive change in your life, both on and off the mat!

Join Zsa-Zsa for a strength-focused asana workshop where you’ll refine crucial foundations, build a deep connection to your core, and stoke the fires of transformation and purification that live within your centre. Strengthen both the physical and spiritual muscles that propel you forward, and experience the exhilaration of moving from your place of personal power.

Workshop open to everyone – whether you’re participating in the 4-Week Yoga Challenge or not.

Join us Sunday, 24th January, 1pm-3pm for embodied strength. This workshop is only available at the studio.

Tickets $45 (10% members discount)