Forward folding asana workshop…

Sunday, May 30th from 12:30 to 2:30pm

Immerse your energy into your roots by refining your forward fold practice. In this two-hour workshop, Zsa Zsa will guide you on an exploration of the deeply nourishing effects of seated forward bends in both the physical and subtle body. You will learn their place and importance in a yoga sequence, and how to practice them safely for your body.

Forward bends fold the front of the body in upon itself and on an energetic and emotional level, ask us to be content with slowing down and looking within. As winter approaches and nature withdraws, embrace this opportunity to slow down and fold yourself inward, strengthening the kidneys and abdominal organs for renewal in spring.

This workshop will enable you to discover your essence in its most primitive state, resting until spring prompts the enterprise of a new cycle.

Forward bends are deeply calming asanas that draw us into the inner mysteries and dynamics of our lives. ~ Mark Stephens

Join us Sunday 30th May from 12:30pm for this 2-hour workshop. BYO mat and blanket.

Tickets $45 (10% members discount)