Yin Yoga Masterclass

With Natalie Ristoski

“Your heart is your first teacher…” ~ Cherokee Saying

The Full Moon is the lunar time of illumination where we are given the gift of being able to more clearly and objectively look at our lives, and ourselves. It’s nature’s invitation to honour and celebrate the fullness of our triumphs and also let go of anything stale in our lives.

Join Natalie for a 2-hour yin yoga practice which will generate warmth that expands and radiates from the heart region to integrate and balance the various aspects of your being. Through long-held, passive floor poses, meditation, pranayama and acupressure points you will liberate the upper body and activate the energetic heart, Anahata chakra, to strengthen the inner connection to your heart.

Focussed upon nourishing heart chi, this practice will help foster a sense of wholeness, acceptance, inner peace and joy.

Attune to nature’s rhythms and harness this next full moon to reveal your full heart. 

Join us Saturday, October 31, from 6pm to 8pm for this 2-hour masterclass. You can join us at the studio or tune in via live-stream.

$45 tickets | Members receive a 10% discount.


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