Keep up your yoga practice with our Living Flow Yoga live-streamed classes

Leaning into the digital world has been a creative process and we are excited to offer you an online offering in the form of daily live-stream classes.

All timetabled studio classes co-exist with a live-stream. This means you can choose which option works for your personal circumstance. So if you prefer to practice at home, register for your live-stream class via our timetable and either use your active membership to join OR pay $22 per casual class.

<<< Edit July 2023: We are currently live-streaming all of our classes so you can join us from the comfort of your home. Be careful when booking to ensure you book into the ONLINE SESSION or Live-Stream class vs In Studio so you get the link 10 minutes before. Please check your spam just in case too! >>>

Outlined below is an in-depth guide to how to join a live-stream class.


How live-Stream classes work

Just like a class in a studio, you’ll be practicing with other Living Flow Yoga students and with your regular teachers. A “live-stream” is yoga class practiced in real time, facilitated by your teacher (either at the studio or at home) and broadcast via a third party platform (in this case, we are using Zoom) where we all access the same class via a link. All you need is a laptop, computer or mobile device.  



About Zoom

Zoom is available as a downloadable desktop application or as an app for your mobile devices, both iOS and Apple. It’s free to access and download however you will need to set up an account and provide your email and name. With Zoom we can broadcast our live-stream class as a meeting. It’s kind of like Skype or Facetime but for a larger number of participants.

When you first join a meeting (class) you’ll be able to unmute your audio and say hello to your teacher and participants. When it’s time for your practice your teacher will mute your audio and hide your video so you can concentrate, get in the zone and enjoy your teachers guidance via cues and visual prompts.

You can download Zoom here for your desktop computer or laptop or simply search for it on your mobile device’s APP store.

To learn more about using Zoom and to familiarise yourself with this platform, read this article: How do I join a meeting on zoom.us knowledge base. As you all have different devices we’re unable to troubleshoot for you but we find this resource really helpful.


How to join a live-stream class with us

1. Pre-plan your classes and sign up to ONLINE SESSION or live-stream classes via our live timetable OR via the MindBody App.

2. Purchase or register for your live-stream class at least 20 minutes prior to the class time.

3. Download the Zoom app if you haven’t already OR make sure you have the most up-to-date version.

4. 10 minutes prior to class you’ll receive an email* from the Living Flow Yoga team with a meeting link and also a password.  (Be sure to save livestream@livingflowyoga.com.au as a contact so we don’t disappear into your trash! If you are waiting on your link, please be sure to check your spam just in case.)

5. Join the live-stream class by clicking on the meeting link. You will be asked permission via your device or computer if you would like to access Zoom via your App. Choose yes and you’ll automatically join the meeting on screen. (You may also be given a browser URL to access the live-stream however the quality may not be as good as within the Zoom app.)

6. Unmute your audio and say hello to your teacher. If you can’t see your teacher, please log out and log in again. Sometimes you just need to troubleshoot.

7. Now it’s time to settle in and practice. Mute your audio and hide your video (if you forget, your teacher will do so), take a seat, close down your eyes and relax until the class starts. 

8. Once the class has finished, feel free to say bye to your fellow yogis and teacher and click Leave Meeting.

Just like a studio class, please arrive early and please take your practice at your own pace ~ particularly at this time where we need more self-compassion and more fluidity.

*Please note, some email host providers are a little slow or tend to leave our livestream links undelivered. If your registered MindBody email is with Hotmail, Outlook, Optus or Bigpond you may want to consider revising your email address as a Gmail account as we find this usually reliable. Let us know your new email at info@livingflowyoga.com.au.

You may even want to plan and create a yoga practice schedule by writing down and calendarise your bookings. We’ve also written an article all about preparing a space at home to practice with examples of Living Flow students home-set ups and below is a Slow Flow playlist via Spotify you may like to play during your practice. 


Not sure if you would like an online practice? Try one of our recorded sequences and see how it feels!


Slow Flow Spotify Playlist

by Various Artists