Everything you need to know about our Living Flow Yoga Membership

At Living Flow Yoga, we strive to make your journey into yoga as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Our Unlimited Yoga Membership is designed to offer flexibility and ease, along with an affordable, set and forget solution.

The fortnightly rolling nature of this membership sometimes confuses students so we thought we’d create a guide to help you understand how our membership works, key terms and conditions, and what to do if you encounter any issues.


Benefits of the Unlimited Yoga Membership

Our Unlimited Yoga Membership offers numerous benefits that make it easier to maintain a regular practice:

  • Unlimited Classes: Attend as many yoga classes as you like at Living Flow Yoga Ashfield (excluding workshops).
  • Cost-Effective: For just $75 per fortnight, you gain unlimited access to our classes, making it perfect for those practicing twice or more a week.
  • Workshop Discount: Enjoy a 10% discount on all workshops.
  • Rolling Membership: After an initial 1-month commitment (2 debits), your membership continues on a rolling basis, providing you with ongoing access to classes.

How the Membership Works

The way to think about this membership is that each auto-pay essentially unlocks your next fortnight’s worth of classes. So say it’s Thursday and you’re planning your weekend classes and your membership is due to rollover on Friday. You log on to book a class on Saturday but you see a pop-up on Mind Body to say you don’t have an active membership or pass (but you are sure you do!).

At this point, don’t purchase another pass. Just email us to manually book you into the class. OR, wait until your membership has rolled over and you can then book your class (pending class capacity.)

A recap:

  1. Fortnightly Billing: Your membership fee is debited every two weeks from your nominated bank account or credit card.
  2. Class Booking: You can only pre-book classes for the current paid fortnight. For example, if your debit occurs on November 3, you can book classes until November 17. Once your membership rolls over, you can book for the next fortnight.
  3. Avoiding Duplicate Memberships: Do not purchase another membership if you’re unable to book a class outside your paid period. This can result in duplicate payments and memberships on your profile. If you’re unsure, contact us for assistance.


Pausing your Membership

You can suspend your membership for a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 14 days per three months, totaling 56 days per year. In order to make this happen, please email us the dates and we’ll action this on your profile. Just remember, after the pause, payments will automatically resume.

Cancelling your membership

There’s nothing worse than being locked in a contract. Whilst our membership lasts for two years, all we ask from you is 2 x fortnightly payments. You can then give us two week’s notice to cancel your membership.

To cancel your membership, simply email us with 2 weeks’ notice and let us know the reason (so we can continue to improve) and we’ll action this for you.


1. Unable to Book a Class
If you’re unable to book a class, it might be outside your paid fortnight. Remember, with each auto-pay, the membership essentially unlocks the next 2 weeks’s worth of classes for you to book. Please wait for the membership to roll over OR you can email us and we’ll manually book you in. Just be sure you give us a couple of days notice.

2. Duplicate Memberships
If you mistakenly purchase a second membership, contact us and we’ll sort this out with either credits to your original membership or a refund.

3. Failed Payments
Please ensure sufficient funds are available on the scheduled auto-pay dates to avoid interruption to your membership.



By understanding these key aspects of your Living Flow Yoga membership, you can make the most of your yoga practice without any interruptions.  We hope this has been useful!

Purchase your membership on our Pricing Page.
Our official T&Cs can be found here.