Illuminate Full Moon Yin Practice

Illuminate Full Moon Yin Practice

Full Moon Yin Poster

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The Full Moon is the lunar time of illumination. We are given the gift of being able to more clearly and objectively look at our lives, and ourselves. It’s nature’s invitation to celebrate our triumphs and also let go of anything stale in our lives. Join Natalie Ristoski for a special 2 hour Embodied Flow Yin Inspired Yoga practice where you will be gently guided toward your own discovery of what wisdom this full moon holds for you.

Culminating in a sweetly serenaded savasana with the angelic vocals of Georgie Hannam, this is your evening to pause, reflect, engage in ritual. If we take this time each month to feel and experience these sentiments about ourselves, we will in turn, be able to freely offer them out into the world.

Cultivate a state of clarity, presence and acceptance, and grant yourself the permission to celebrate and release. Learn more about yin yoga here.