Inversion Workshop

Inversion Workshop

Going Upside Down ~ Inversion Workshop

Join Kaycee for this invigorating inversion workshop designed to harness your inner strength and put trust in yourself. Inversions are energising postures that turn the body upside down and build upper-body and core strength. Exploring inverted postures can be challenging and scary – but the process can teach you plenty about self-acceptance, trust and self-reflection.

In this fun and interactive workshop you will:
✨ Learn how to create physical stability for inversions
✨ Isolate, activate and engage the correct muscles in your body for inversions
✨ Explore getting into handstand, forearm stand, headstand and other arm balances
✨ Develop a patient and kind attitude to yourself!

Inversions can become a powerful tool for teaching us how to breathe, cultivate balance and find strength when our world feels flipped upside down.🤸‍♂️✨

All levels welcome and encouraged!
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