LUNAR HARMONY: Breath, Movement, Mastery 🌛

A 2-hour workshop with Elsa Geelan

Sunday, February 11, 2-4pm


Embark on a transformative journey in this 2-hour workshop with Elsa, where you’ll focus on moon practices of breath and movement to slow down and help stabilise the mind.

Moon practices are vital for fostering a connection with your parasympathetic nervous system, which becomes a conduit to your seat of power, empowering you to navigate life with renewed vigor.

Perfect for all yogis, a curated blend of breath work, vinyasa, yin, and yoga nidra will serve as your toolkit, seamlessly intertwining body, breath and mind to facilitate a profound reconnection with your truest and most grounded self.

Join us for this workshop and equip yourself with the skills to navigate the year ahead with grace and resilience.

Members receive
10% discount

‘Unlock your potential and master the intricate layers of yourself.’