Mums + Bubs is all about moving the focus back onto Mums.

With your beautiful baby right there beside you, this class is for creating a space for them and equally importantly: yourself. Mums and Bubs is a chance for you to connect with your bub, as well as to reconnect with your own body and practice, in a safe space. We currently have a special 6-Week rolling program with our yoga teacher (Doula), and nurse (Paige Isley).

Mums can enter the program at any stage. Our class will allow you to join other like-minded mums in a relaxed and positive environment. Many of our participants have practiced with us for quite some time, and many are brand new to yoga. The class caters perfectly for both! Note: Before attending, please enquire and confirm with your doctor regarding the suitability of your return to an exercise program.

The Program

Week 1

Calm Mum, Calm Baby – Here, you will learn pranayama (breathing techniques) and asana (yoga postures) to support and nourish your nervous system.

Week 2

Reconnect with your Body – This involves a gentle flow to get you out of your head and into your heart.

Week 3

Reinvigorate your Pelvic Floor – While we flow through this week’s yoga practice, learn how to bring awareness to pelvic floor muscles and activate them consciously.

Week 4

Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain – Here, we will focus on opening the front of the body and strengthening the posterior chain to improve posture and bring ease to your body.

Week 5

Nourish your Mind and Body – This involves a flow to ease the mind, then we will dive into deeply restorative yin yoga practice for new mothers. To make matters even more blissful, there will be a guided Yoga Nidra to practice the skill of efficient deep rest; certainly a useful skill to have with a newborn baby!

Week 6

Bond with your Baby – a beautiful practice for mum and a soft massage for baby, we will end the practice with a guided meditation to support connection.


Mums and Bubs FAQ

What if my baby cries or needs feeding during the class?

That is perfectly fine, and normal! The class continues and you can tend to your baby’s needs – feeding them, comforting them, changing them and so on.

What should I bring?

Your baby, a blanket to lay them on, and just yourself! We’ll provide all the equipment required for the class.

How old should my baby be, in order to attend the class?

Our class caters for pre-crawlers and their mums.

Do you have pram access?

It’s best to bring your Bub in a carrier as we have no pram access.

Where is the studio?

Living Flow is located in Ashfield, the heart of Sydney’s Inner-west. Our address is Suite 5, 6-8 Holden St, Ashfield. Parking is available within Ashfield mall and from there it’s just a two-minute walk to our studio. We’ll see you soon!