2-hour Yin Practice

With Natalie Ristoski

In the southern hemisphere, the intensity of summer and the busy festive season intercept. During this time we can hold ourselves in a constant state of alertness, focusing outward – which, without reprieve, can create tension within us.

Join Natalie for this 2-hour practice where you’ll be guided to relax and release, the Yin way.

Incorporating tension release exercises and gentle movement, you will then settle your bones and soften your muscles for an introspective and nourishing yin practice. This practice will settle the mind and nervous system so you can develop meditative attention experiencing a place of calm and well-being lying beneath any everyday noisy thoughts.

‘Equanimity cradles the immense sorrow and wonder of life at the same time’. ~ Sharon Salzberg


Join us Sunday, December 13 from 1:30pm to 3:30pm for this 2-hour practice. You can join us at the studio or tune in via live-stream

$45 tickets | Members receive a 10% discount.

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