With Teaghan Alexander

Saturday, July 27, 4:30pm-6pm

Join Teaghan Alexander for a transformative practice and ritual of yoga.

Together, we will explore the timeless wisdom of the three basic qualities of nature – the Gunas: Tamas (Earth), Rajas (Fire), & Sattva (Sky). In yogic philosophy, the Gunas represent different aspects of nature and consciousness, and understanding them can provide profound insights into our inner workings.

Rooted in these ancient Sanskrit concepts and viewed through a contemporary lens, you will delve into the body’s connection to The Gunas through specific Pranayama, Asana, and Meditation practices.

Exploring the depths of your unique body, mind, heart, and energy, this workshop is designed to guide you into a deeper understanding of your own nature.

Accompanied by multi-instrumentalist David Williams.

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10% discount

Come as you are, dive in, and re-emerge feeling reset, balanced, and aligned with your innate self.