Restorative classes explore Yin yoga poses to induce deep relaxation and renewal. Yin poses work deep into the connective tissues and fascia, to release deep held tension. Most of the class is spent on the ground in long, juicy holds, supported by props. A quiet and peaceful practice, quieting the mind is the optimum focus of these classes as you work toward meditation and relaxation. A must-try for all, Restorative classes are the perfect antidote to the busy modern lifestyle.


This dynamic class links movement with breath, in a creative, fun-flowing class. Find a deep connection within through full exploration and expression of the body. It will leave you feeling invigorated and inspired! Open to all levels, beginners will be offered simpler modifications, while experienced yogis can play with deeper variations.


This class is perfect for those who are new to yoga or experienced students looking to refine their practice and technique. Discover the foundations of vinyasa flow in this alignment focused class. The class will be based around a theme, posture or set of postures – something different to explore each week!

Pregnancy Yoga

Our Pregnancy Yoga class is designed to nurture the mother-to-be and baby within. You will be guided through a series of strengthening and opening yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditations to help you connect with your body, cultivate calm and prepare for labour and childbirth. This class provides a safe and supportive environment for woman at any stage of their pregnancy. Come and share this wonderful journey with other mums to be!

Mums + Bubs

Mums and Bubs yoga is for parents and their babies up to crawling stage. It's an excellent way for mothers and babies to bond and for new mums to get back in touch with their body. Classes focus on improving strength and relieving sore muscles, while interacting with bub in a playful way. You'll meet like-minded mums in a relaxed environment and leave feeling connected and calm.

Fusion Flow

This class fuses together the repetition of bite-size vinyasa flow sequences, breath and the rhythm of music. It is designed to cultivate the ultimate meditative flow! Once the sequence is mapped in your body, the music turns up, and you will be guided to explore and repeat the cycle in your own time. This practice creates empowerment on the mat and will leave you feeling blissed out!


Learn how meditation can become an enjoyable part of your day to day life. The classes are varied so each week you will explore something new, learn new tools and gather insights. An accessible introduction into meditation taught in a friendly atmosphere. Come along, dissolve tension and discover a greater state of ease.

Slow Hatha

Slow Hatha is perfect for beginners and those days you may not have the energy for anything more. Expect to move slower and hold poses longer in this class. A nourishing and spacious practice you'll dive deep into the more subtle layers of yoga. An emphasis on meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises), this class is the perfect way to balance a busy or stressful lifestyle.

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To be present; one moment at a time
To embrace life, whole-heartedly and with passion
To feel deeply connected to oneself, others and the magnificent world around us

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self” - THE BHAGAVAD GITA