Just keep coming home to yourself. You are the one you have been waiting for.”
~ Byron Katie

Winter new moon yin practice with Natalie Ristoski

Winter is the time to build and restore, and just as nature draws inward to rest and renew, so too should we. The inward-turning season of winter is ideal for nourishing our inner fire, and the New Moon phase is a powerful time to ignite any aspect of your inner or outer life. Join Natalie Ristoski for Surrender: 2-hour Yin practice which will take you on a nourishing and reflective journey toward your own discovery of what this next New Moon holds for you.

Through meditation, ritual and a Yin yoga practice which will restore equilibrium to the Kidneys and Heart, you will re-emerge feeling anchored and uplifted as you enter the beginning phase of a new monthly lunar cycle.

This is your invitation to attune to the rhythms of nature and harness this opportunity to surrender; turning inwards to the awareness and wisdom beneath everyday thoughts, to your deepest sense of self. From this place, you can use this time of renewal to plant the seeds of your intentions, set goals and reflect on your dreams.

Join us inside the cocoon of long-held poses, where you will enrich the quality of chi (energy) by slowing down and surrendering. This special Saturday evening will inspire new beginnings, and leave you feeling grounded and nurtured. Give yourself this sacred pause to reset, restore and begin anew. We’d love to have you!

The details:

Surrender Winter New Moon Yin Practice | Saturday, July 18, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Book your ticket for $45

Sorry, we will not be living streaming this workshop due to student engagement and circular practice.